Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Midweek Happiness!

Yay for the week being halfway over!  I am soooooooooooo ready for the weekend!  I haven't slept well this week and had a couple of long days at work and an all day conference today, so I am READY for the weekend! 

I have also had a hard time this week.  I had this crazy goal when I graduated high school that I would have five things accomplished by the time I turned 28.  I would earn a bachelor's degree, get married, have a great job, travel, and have a baby.  Well, I've done all but one of these things.  The difficult part is that I turn 28 next week and I feel that I have failed at the most important goal of all.   I know it will happen one day soon, but until then I just feel down.  I have never failed at anything I set my mind to and it is hard when something this important is out of my control.  Yes, I have control issues!  Ha!

I found this on a blog this week and I wanted to post it for you to read.
It is EXACTLY how I feel most days.  I just thought that those of you who understand might want to read it and those of you who haven't been there might have a better insight to how I feel.  I have those exact feelings almost everyday.  It is so hard to get up everyday, do my same routine, and I even feel sad at work.  I really don't think I could have put this in writing any better!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!  :-)


Guy and Julie said...

Well said--thanks for putting that link up. It perfectly describes every day of my life.

Kendra said...

Oh that was a great link!!! That was written SO WELL.
And I know how you feel, I turned 28 last month...seriously?!? 28 and NO BABIES?!?!?!?!? I had a tantrum about it =) I made jokes about how I am going to be on Medicare before my babies arrive! HA!

Lianna Knight said...

I totally agree Amanda! I have REALLY surpassed my goal of having a baby by a certain age too....but mine was at least 5 years ago!! It is so hard some days...but on other hand, I know without a doubt that God would NEVER put me(us) in this situation without giving us TWICE the blessing for our hurting. It will happen!

Jennifer said...

Sorry you're dealing with the grief of not meeting a goal either. My goal my whole life was to get married at age 25 and I did! My second goal was to have one (or two) babies before age 30. I thought everything was perfectly on schedule when I got pregnant one month after my 29th bday, but then I miscarried and it hasn't happened again since. I'm now 31 1/2. :(

Anna said...

OMG! A friend of mine sent me your blog address, and we are almost twins! I am 26, been married for almost 3 years, met my hubby on a blind date, live in NW Georgia, have a mini-schnauzer, and have been TTC since June 2007! WOW! Angela Amick sent me to you....she said she thought of me when she read your blog. No kidding! Now I'm hooked and am officially blog-stalking you. :) Nice to "meet" you.

Unknown said...

What a great post Amanda. I can SOOO relate. I hate it that I had "control" over and have been able to accomplish most other things I have wanted to in my life. Except the one that is most imporatant to me! Praying for you!