Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

I Hope everyone enjoyed the first weekend of Spring as much as we did!  It has been a busy weekend, but still great to spend it in our house!

Friday, the direct tv guy was here from 8:30-2:30 (apparently we had a bad dish, so it took longer than it should, whatever) so I only got a few things accomplished.  That night we went down the street to our regular Mexican restaurant, yum!  Saturday I spent most the morning going to Hobby Lobby, Sam's, and Walmart.  I baked and cleaned house in the afternoon because we grilled out and had our friends Rodney and Sarah over last night!  I made Kelly's double chocolate gooey butter cake and it is unbelievably good!!!!  I have some left over, so I'll bring those to work tomorrow.

I got a few cute things at Hobby Lobby yesterday.

I got this pretty lamp for my guest bathroom

This red lamp for my wine cabinet

Is this not the CUTEST egg plate ever?!

Today we've just been kind of lazy.  It is nice to just lie around!  I have somehow hurt my neck and upper back, so I am just taking it easy on the couch.  However, we did have this exciting thing happen this morning!  Santa, I mean Sears, brought my new washer and dryer!!!!!!  Yes, I am FINALLY enjoying doing my laundry and yes, there is laundry going in this picture!  Ha!

I wish I had a pic of my OLD washer and dryer to show it, but just imagine your Grandparent's set!  Yes, it was a 1979 Kenmore!  Haha!

Next, I have a question for you.  If you have hardwood floors, what is your cleaning routine and what product do you use?  I am having a hard time keeping mine clean (I know that is just part of having a new house and dark floors).  So, PLEASE give me some advice!


Jennifer said...

I seriously might enjoy doing laundry if I had that sweet little washer and dryer. Mine is just the plain ole bend over and pull out your laundry kind. So boring!! Ha!!

For my hardwoods, I dust mop, then use Orange Glo for hardwoods. I use the spray and the orange glo mop that comes with the kit. The floors look really good and stay looking good for a week or so before my A type personality has to do them again. I orginally found the kit at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but now they sell it at Walmart. I buy my spray there now.

Anonymous said...

I use Method Cleaner for wood floors. I buy it at Target. It is a little pricey but is worth the money. My hardwood floors are 47 years old and they still look great!

Anonymous said...

i dont use chemicals on my floors, dogs and babies on them. i use warm water and vinegar. the vinegar does the trick!!

Molly said...

I'm glad you had a great weekend and am so jealous of your finds at Hobby Lobby- I just love that place.

I don't have hard wood floors, but my folks do. Mom uses some special cleaner she can only get at Home Depot or Lowes. Now, I'm sure she can find it elsewhere, but that's where she says she HAS to buy it. lol

For a routine, she runs the vacuum over them or uses the swifter. They live out in the country, so there's a lot of dust out there.

Jennifer said...

swiffer sweeper and swiffer wetjet!

Anonymous said...

Vinegar and water works great and you don't ruin your floors or leave a residue. I live by it!