Monday, March 23, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Whew!  Today was a busy day!  Since I was out Friday I had some paperwork and some messages to work on this morning which always take up a lot of my time.  Then, we had one of the busiest days in Dr. Smith's office we have had possibly EVER!  He has been told that he can never leave town again!  Haha!  It was CRAZY times!  The good news is my back/neck pain is almost gone, but I am planning on changing clothes and then crashing on the couch with either Logan's takeout or a pizza, which ever one Michael shows up with.  Ha!

I am officially becoming a blogger user instead of a blogger.  I am back on my mac, but I LOVE blogger soooooooo much more!  Look for me to buy a domain soon.  You'll of course still be able to access this page through the current address, but since it is no longer a temporary home, I thought I would celebrate us being back in our permanent home by renaming it with it's own domain!  I am also in the process of starting a new recipe blog!  I have moved over a few of my recipes from the mac site.  Check it out!  I plan to add to it as I try new, yummy things!

Well, that is about it for this Manic Monday!  Hope you all had a great day!

EDIT:  Please be praying for Baby Stellan.  If you are unfamiliar with his story please click on his name to read his story.  He is a miracle baby, similar to Harper and Brayden and he could sure use your prayers tonight!


Anonymous said...

I so enjoy following your blog. You have such a positive attitude about everything and that rubs off on me. Even in the face of all that you have dealt with over the last couple of months, you never lost your smile and took it all in stride. Many bloggers might have posted three months of complaints about builders and inspectors - but not you. I love your updates and I'm sending you good thoughts that all your dreams come true!


Kelly said...

I almost asked you last week if you were going to make "your temporary home" your permanent home. I'm not a big fan of Mac blogs - they are just hard to manuever. I like your little home here!!! :-)

Aishlea said...

Hi, Amanda! You left me a comment after finding me thru Kelly's blog. It is so nice to find you, too! I actually live in Trenton, GA.... but I definitely am familiar with Ringgold! I can't wait to read more of your blog!

Meagan said...

YAY! I was hoping you would become a blogger convert! :-) Glad you decided to stay... i agree with Kelly, the Mac blog was not so user friendly! :-)

Lianna Knight said...

Yeah!! I am SO glad you are staying on blogger...I was always had a hard time pulling up your Mac site :)

So glad you are in your PERMANENT home now :)

Angela said...

LOL--I found you through Kelly's blog, too. I live in Ringgold. Your house looks gorgeous!! It looks totally familiar, but I guess there are a lot of similar layouts in new homes. :)
We live in Denmoore by the Colonnade--where is your subdivision? Email me if you want and feel free to check out my blog so you know I'm not some weird, old, bald, fat man. LOL

Nice to "meet" you. :)