Monday, March 2, 2009

Paint Makes Me Happy!

Today is the day I've been waiting for the last few weeks! The day the painters came and essentially painted the entire house in one day! There is only one thing I am going to have them do differently, but otherwise I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I am going to list the colors because I had a hard time finding pics of the colors I liked and at least now it may helps others! Ha!)

Living Room, SW Tansy Green

The room that is quickly becoming my favorite, the kitchen, SW Nuthatch (this is not as dark as it looks in pictures)

Dining Room, also SW Nuthatch

Please excuse my mess! They are using our bedroom as storage! The ceiling in our room is the only thing we are having changed. They painted the inside part blue and we wanted it white. The walls are SW stream.

Our bathroom (yes, that is a toilet in the center of the room! ha!). SW Brevity Brown (which we used in both bathrooms, master ceiling, and both extra bedrooms).

My future little girl room! I can't wait to accessorize this room in pink and green, but for the time being it will have white and green accents.
Sorry that the picture quality is so poor, not sure what that is about. :-( Anyway, that concludes our tour for today! Hopefully by the end of the week you can see our light fixtures and kitchen complete!


Kelly said...

Love all the paint. You make me want to paint a few rooms! :-)
I'm excited your house is coming along!!! And I can't wait for you to fill that little girl's room.

Lauren said...

YAY!!!! So excited for you!!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Love it! Everything looks great!

Faith said...

Everything looks great! Love the colors you chose!!

Kendra said...

LOVE IT!!! I Love every room!!! I think your bedroom is my favorite =)

mrs shortcake said...

I love that "brevity brown" - it's so dark and calming!