Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bachelor Finale Recap

All I can say is "WHAT IS HE THINKING????!!!!"

What did you think? I'll post another post tomorrow to follow up on part 2!

UPDATE: I seriously could not have written this any better myself, but this is what my good friend Lauren had to say.


Lauren said...

I'm thinking that he's doggone crazy!!!!! You know, I can understand both sides, but as far as his side goes, some moments are not meant for TV and that was one of them!!!!! Poor Melissa!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think he made a mistake in the first place by trying to find a wife and 'mother' for his son on national t.v. and then basically sleeping with three women towards the end. Then he breaks up with one on national t.v. and then believes it will work with the one he rejected in the first place. How well can you get to know someone and fall in love in six weeks? And I believe the success rate of engagements from this show is very low. What irresponsibility!

Molly said...

I cried through the whole show...it was a mess. Melissa was my favorite, and I was so excited when he picked her-- but because of the hype with the After the Rose show, I figured something tragic would happen. I don't have anything against Molly (she has a great name), but I thought Melissa was a better fit.

Do you listen to Kid Kraddick in the morning? Big Al text Melissa (they know each other-- both from Dallas) to get an interview. She said all interviews had to go through ABC, but it appeared that everyone on the show was very supportive of her. I thought that was nice.

And as for "anonymous." Some people can and DO fall in love in a matter of a few short weeks. Those who do, however, have to work harder to make the relationship work-- seems old Jason didn't want to work; I liked how Melissa handled it. My parents met and were engaged 2 weeks later. Four weeks after that, they were married....and have been happily married for 43 years.

Faith said...

Wow, I was just watching and shaking my head the whole time....that was some craziness right there! I mean, I don't even know what to say!

Anxious about the show tonight...

Brittney said...

Hi! My name is Brittney. I randomly foudn your blog on Kellys Korner the other night. I will occasionally just click on one of her "Daily Reads" and Sunday night you were the most recent update, so I clicked on.

This is a very small world. You mentioned "Fox and Hound" on Sunday and I thought "hmm, could be someone from Chattanooga". My fiancee lives near there and I am moving there soon. So, I kept reading. THEN I read on and it seemed like you're building a house. My fiancee and I are starting on a house next week, so I read on even more in interest.

I now realize you are not building, but re-doing. But here's the crazy part. I quickly realized that you live in the neighborhood we are building in!!! We have heard about your house. Bummer for you, but I'm sure it's fun to get to re-do everything.

I just had to tell you about that amazing coincidence. I will be your neighbor :) Todd is also building our house and we'll live in between the blue house and the new greenish one on Holly Oak Ln.

Good Luck through the rest of this process!