Monday, February 16, 2009


I have decided that since this is not only my blog, but my online journal, I would document my mission to lose thirty pounds. Today started the operation get skinny. I started the day at 6am at the gym where I ran for almost 3 miles on the elliptical. It felt great when I got done to know that I did that for myself. I am also trying to cut back on my snacking and trying to drink more water. Lets see what happens!

I also went to my primary care doctor today for the first time in over two years (oops!). My OB wanted me to go to get a physical just so we can say that I have done that. I am also going back on some medication that I haven't taken in awhile due to TTC that should help me lose a little weight (it always suppressed my appetite).

After I saw the Dr, I went to my house and much to my surprise, all the walls had been taped up and mudded to finish the sheetrock!!!!! I am praying that it won't be long now!!!!!

Hope everyone had an equally good day. I am in my pjs and ready to watch the Bachelor!


Kendra said...

Congrats on the 6am workout! That is SO impressive!!
And seriously, you do NOT have 30 pounds to loose!!!

Lauren said...

Um, I don't think I even HAVE a primary care doctor.

I'm with you - you have a lot more to focus on than jury duty.