Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bachelor Recap Week #7

Well, I think it is week 7! Ha!

Anyway! This week was my favorite episode this season! I really did like all three, but as the episode went on, I really felt like Molly would be the one going home. I was really surprised in the end.

What did everyone think about the dates? I thought it was tacky for Jillian to keep asking him if he could handle her all night! Again girls, lets at least TRY to look classy! I wasn't too sure about Molly giving him a list of questions and I don't think she should have given him the fantasy card. Come on, you know you are going to get one, everyone does! I do have to say yay for her for bungee jumping. I would have been cut right then and there! That is one activity I CANNOT do! I can't even ride a roller coaster I am so afraid of heights! Ha! I am still LOVING Melissa. I did feel like she was trying to hard with trying to explain what happened with her hometown date.

So, what is everyone's thoughts? What are your predictions now? I am still going with Melissa.

DIET UPDATE: I made it to the gym AGAIN!!!!!!!! Woohoo! Two days in a row!!!!!


Megan L Hutchings said...

Yay for a first good day at the gym and your progress. I started watching The Bachelor last night but have not finished yet. So far I still am loving Melissa :)!

Faith said...

I was pretty shocked that Jillian went home. I really thought it would be her and Melissa in the end! The fantasy suite nights make me want to gag...I mean, seriously, do we have to watch the awkward kissing over and over and over???

I definitely think it will be Melissa in then end. I just hope they will be the ones to last after so many failed Bachelor romances!

Lauren said...

You know my vote is for Melissa!

Molly gets on my nerves.

I'm impressed with your gym dedication! ;)