Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday, Need I Say More?!

It has just been one of those days and I am so glad it is over. I have been a bad blogger lately and not taken very many pictures, but we had a pretty busy weekend. Friday night we just stayed home and ate a pizza and watched some tv. Saturday while Michael worked, I went to Hobby Lobby, Steinmart, and Target looking at various things I need for the house. I found a great deal on a coverlet and shams for our extra bedroom at Steinmart. It is a bright green with chocolate brown shams to go with the dark chocolate bedroom and white sheers. I can't wait to see it all together! That night we went to Murfreesboro (about two hours away) to visit our friends, the Fletchers. We hated to only get to stay about 18 hours, but we still had a great time! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures. :-( However, Dawson is seriously the cutest, happiest baby I have EVER been around. I just love him, but maybe I am partial! :-)

On our way home last night we stopped in at the house for this weeks update. The sheetrock is finished and now they are starting the trim! It won't be too long once they start painting next week! Here is a pic from yesterday.

Thanks for all the comments on the canisters! I did however, decide to pass up the $150 set, (yes, you read that right) and go with these economy canisters! :-) I can still dream though!

I forgot to tell you all last week, but I did get excused from jury duty! YAY!!!! Now, I am all set for my procedure on March 4, one week from Wednesday!!!!! So, hopefully we will start getting some answers on why we are having so much trouble.

Today, I have had a crazy busy day. Hope the rest of the week calms down a little bit! Ha! Hope everyone else is having a great day!


Kendra said...

Will be praying for your procedure!

Sher said...

I like the canisters you chose better anyway. Do you care to share where you found them?
Prayer and Positive vibes for March 4

A Wife and a Teacher said...

I'm glad your house is moving along quickly.
You said that you went to Murfreesboro- we live about 20 miles south-east of there! My husband works in Smyrna.
I just love all the new stores that have opened there! I recorded tonights Bachelor and am fixing to go snuggle up in bed and watch it! I hope that you have a calmer week.

Lauren said...

I had no idea you were a friend of Lauren Fletcher, or maybe I did. I can't remember if I found her blog from your page or not, haha!!! Anyhow, so glad you got to visit with them and hope your week gets better!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Getting out of jury duty is not something you should be celebrating. It is a serious responsibility. As an attorney who is struggling, as are you, with infertility, I read your blog all the time and generally love it. However, Jury Duty is something good citizens need to do. I understand that you had a reason for an excuse, but it is not something people should try to get out of without a legitimate excuse or approach in a flippant manner. Choosing to ask for an excuse out of it should be taken extremely seriously and should not be celebrated.

Megan L Hutchings said...

I hope that your week gets better :)! I hate that we missed you this weekend but I am glad you got some good qt in with the WONDERFUL Fletcher family!!!

Lauren said...

I love those canisters! I think they're just as pretty as the other ones.

Natalie said...

Ok -- this is going to sound weird and I promise I'm not a weirdo, but I have to tell you about this whole 6 degrees of separation that I'm experiencing on your blog.

I found you through Kelly Stamps and have been following you for quite some time but never caught on that you knew The Fletchers from M'boro. I do not know them personally, but have a best friend in M'boro, Kim Wheeler, who does. I actually moved from M'boro 4 yrs ago this month! I just thought that was kinda NEAT!!

Good luck with everything - can't wait to see your house coming along!

Natalie ~ Tampa, FL

Amanda Leigh said...
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