Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bachelor Recap Week #6

Since we had a hour delay getting to see the Bachelor I have to disclose at the beginning of this blog, that I missed the last home visit, but woke up during the rose ceremony! Does the President not know what comes on TV on Monday night?!!!

I love the home visit episodes. They are my favorite other than the fantasy date one (which appears to FINALLY be the DeAnna episode). My favorite family was Molly's family (other than the crazy hat box thing). I still can't believe the whole dead dove thing at Naomi's family. I knew she was going home, so I don't think that is why she went home, but it sure didn't help! Jillian's family was ok, but I think she will be the next one gone. I hate I missed Melissa's hometown visit, even though her parents weren't on there. I still LOVE her! However, from the previews, I think she better start opening up more!

Ok, what did you girls think? Who are you seeing as the final two and who do you think will be the winner? I still say Molly and Melissa, but it is a toss up right now as to who wins (although Melissa is still my favorite!).


Lauren said...

I have to agree, the whole dove thing was bizarre, not as crazy as the previews made it to be, but nonetheless, kind of bizarre, but didn't think the date went all that bad though. I'm kind of sad she got the boot, and hope it wasn't because of the dove, ha!

Sherri said...

I think that Molly goes next, making Jillian and Melissa the final two. Melissa is his choice.

Rathi said...

I think Molly goes next too, he keeps saying that he thinks she is not ready, plus i think it showed someone with all brown hair at the end.. I really hope that he doesn't let Deanna go to his head.. So i think the final two will be Jillian and Melissa!

Unknown said...

I'd like to see Jillian and Melissa as the final two girls, but we'll see. And the Deanna thing still has me curious, though i think it will end anti-climatically.

One last thing, I wish someone had been there taking pictures at the dove funeral... his face was priceless!

purejoy said...

tripped on your blog. and it's a good thing, too, b/c we obviously share a "connection" (couldn't you just scream after hearing about ten times every episode??) with the bachelor!!
saw last nite, (all of it, sorry) and i really felt bad for melissa. . .but you have to give her parents props for not caving in to media pressure!
i agree that she's going to need to open up a bit more. i thought she was adorable from day one. i think she is the most "real" one on the show.
coming from the south, the whole jillian/molly accent is ikky, but that is just a weird quirk.
not a big fan of the whole hot-dog therory, i though it was weird the first nite. (not that check out ur golf swing was any better, HA!)
so i vote for melissa all the way, drown deanna (gah, isn't it just like the producers to add some dumb drama??), and i would like molly, but i think he'll pick jill. but melissa will go home with the ring. count on it!
well, thanks for listening. and i'll be praying for your parenting desires. i know what a heartache that can be.

Faith said...

Naomi's family...oh my word! I knew she was gone after that crazy visit. I can't decide if it will be Molly or Jillian with Melissa in the final two. I still think it's Melissa in the end (remember the fingernails??)