Saturday, February 7, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Yesterday Michael and I each left work around lunch and went to the granite store and the hardwood store and made our final selections!

We have selected brazilian uba tuba granite for our countertops that looks like this:

For our hardwood we chose a dark brown oak called java (similar to this):

We also went to the lighting store and finalized our selection there. It will all be similar to what we already had. No big changes there. For dinner we decided to try Sugar's Ribs downtown. YUM!!!! That is all that can be said to describe that place! If you live anywhere near Chattanooga and haven't tried it, run, don't walk, and go tonight!

Today I went to the paint store to have them mix a sample of the green that I am thinking about painting the living room, foyer, and hallway. In case you've ever wondered what a severly OCD person does when it is time to pick paint, this is it:

What do you think? You won't hurt my feelings, but I want input!

Here are the latest pics of our house!!!!

Can't wait for next weekend's update! There should be some sheetrock then!!!! :-)


Natalie said...

The granite and floors are beautiful!! Uba tuba is one of my favorites and I think the dark floor choice is nice and classic!! The paint is a nice contrast and very pretty!!

Have been following your blog for quite a while (found you through Kelly). Good Luck with everything and we'll be praying for you and your husband!

Tampa FL

Jenny said...

My sister did a similar green in her kitchen/dining room and it turned out nicely. I think it was called New Pine?

Your house looks awesome!

Faith said...

Ooooh, I love everything you've picked out. It's all coming together so pretty!!

Meagan said...

So happy that things are moving along for you!!!

I love the paint color - green's my fav!

Jennifer said...

So glad you went with the dark floors! Those will look great! They have made so much progress! Not too much longer and you will be back at home!

I never told you, but Josh's parents house was struck by lightening about 15 years ago and they lost everything! It was awful! I'm so glad that this will all soon be over for you!

Lauren said...

Looks like you have your work cute out for you, my friend. Can't wait to see the finished product :o)

Lauren said...

Seriously? I did the exact same thing. You just never know until you get it on the wall!

I like the green...not too dark and not too pastel. I think it will look great.

I'm AMAZED at how fast they've framed everything!

Lauren said...

Thank God the faux conversation ended well. :)

Megan L Hutchings said...

I absolutely LOVE the green ;)! I am a nature girl so that color is just PERFECT!!!!