Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Toddler Fun Advent Calendar

Last year I wanted to do something unique for our advent calendar. I saw this post on Pinterest and decided adapt the ideas on it for a toddler. Last year I used my old advent calendar from when I was little, but this year I found a cute Santa one at Hobby Lobby. I think he is a pretty cute addition to our kitchen!

I made fun little Christmas themed cards to pull everyday and just put them in the slots rather than moving the snowflake that came with the calendar.

Some of these are in there twice (new book, look at lights, read the Christmas story).  Here is a list of some toddler appropriate advent activities in no particular order:
  1. See Santa
  2. Make a list for Santa
  3. Read Elf On The Shelf
  4. Watch Shrek The Halls
  5. Get A New Christmas Book
  6. School Christmas Program
  7. Watch The Santa Claus movie
  8. Go Look at Christmas Lights
  9. New Christmas pjs
  10. Sing Christmas Carols and eat cookies
  11. Watch Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
  12. Read The Christmas Story
  13. Make Cookies
  14. Go to Lights at the Zoo
  15. Ride The Polar Express

Nicholas LOVES pulling his activity for the day and it's a fun variation from the usual advent calendars.