Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Returning To The Land Of The Living

I woke up yesterday and it was official, I was the latest victim of the great stomach virus of 2012. I seriously thought I was going to die around 11:15 when I finally crawled to the kitchen to take a phenergan. It made a big difference, but I was so weak there was no standing up or I got weak and almost pass out. I literally spent an entire day on my couch. My dad took Nicholas to school and my mom picked him up. He is 100% better and I hope I am by tomorrow. I am here to tell you, this bug is not for the weak. It has taken everything out of me! I'm finally feeling a little better, so as of now I'm headed back to work tomorrow.

There were 3 things I realized through this. 1. I am so thankful my parents are close by and willing to help out so much.
2. Mommies do not have time to be sick.
3. You know you're a boy mom when instead of chicken noodle soup, you eat cars chicken noodle soup. :-)