Thursday, November 15, 2012

For The Love Of Spreadsheets

Every year when it comes time for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Nicholas birthday there is only one thing that helps me survive (ok, maybe 2 if you count wine), my extensive spreadsheets.  We host Thanksgiving for the Ledford family and Christmas for both families, so I need a detailed list to help me stay organized. I sat down last night to type out one for this year's Thanksgiving meal. That includes a spreadsheet for the meal, every dish broken down into ingredients (luckily my mom makes an awesome dressing, so I have her make an extra for me to cook for Michael's family meal). Another one for a grocery list with everything I need from the store in the order of how the store is laid out and in sections (grocery, produce, refrigerated, and frozen). It makes things so much easier when trying to plan a meal for 10 people, juggling a toddler, and full time job.  I've also started working on my Christmas shopping list, but obviously I can't show you that one yet!  :-)

Here are my spreadsheets for this year!  I couldn't figure out how to attach the file, so here are pictures of the printed spreadsheets.  The food list was before I decided to use real green beans, so it has been edited again! Haha!
Grocery List
Food and Ingredient List
To Do List