Monday, November 12, 2012

Brain Dump and 21 Days of Thankfulness: Day 11 and 12

I haven't done this in awhile and I have a lot on my mind this weekend, so here goes...

1. We had a lazy day Sunday and I got caught up on my DVR.  My new favorite show (since Dallas has been on hiatus this Fall) is Nashville.  I love the storyline and characters.  Now that I'm all caught up I can't wait for Wednesday night.  Just wish it came on a little earlier and not at 10:00 (Eastern time).  Also on that note, I am waaaaaay behind on Revenge because lately I have been going to bed by 9:30 at the latest on Sunday and just can't make it until the end.  I may have to give it up because it takes way too much time to watch it.

2.  Nicholas woke up yesterday with a nasty cough and wheezing.  Guess it is time for another long Winter of wheezing and the nebulizer.  I'm also really happy with Pedia Care Cold and Cough and Mucinex because once he had it, took a nap, he woke up a new kid!  No wheezing and very little coughing! Yay!  He is still a little wheezy today, but not as bad.  On day 11, I was very thankful for modern medicine and nebulizers which make Nicholas breathe much better!

3.  I went to Belk on Saturday and found some super cute things for N to wear for the Christmas season and some cute household items too!  I am a Christmas buying freak-o (more on that later), but there is one thing I just can't do...decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving.  I keep seeing Christmas trees going up all over FB and twitter!!!  I finally got the rest of my Fall decor up last weekend (had to wait for Halloween to be over!).  I made my wreath 4 years ago and freshened it up a little this year with a new bow.  I'm thinking it needs new leaves next year.

5.  As you know, I am a bit obsessed when it comes to being organized and OCD and last year I revamped my Thanksgiving spreadsheet and I *thought* it was saved to Michael's laptop.  Well, I can't find it and it included a recipe and broke down my grocery list!  I'm having a mini breakdown over this!  Any good sweet potoato casserole recipes???

6.  I've started a new tradition of eating out of my Nana's dishes she gave me every Sunday night.  I LOVE these dishes and I'm planning to use them on Thanksgiving and Christmas as well!

7.  Today is Veteran's day and I just want to take the time to say thank you to everyone that has fought for our freedom and this great country.  I am very blessed to live in a country where we have the freedoms that we do and I know that we owe it to all of you.