Sunday, November 18, 2012

One Busy Weekend Wrap-up

It has been a busy, crazy, and eventful weekend here at the Ledford household.  We are hosting Thanksgiving for the Ledford family on Thursday, so I've been busting it all weekend to get everything ready.  It all started on Friday night with the annual trip to the grocery store to buy everything for Thanksgiving dinner.  I used all sales and coupons and came out of there with a full Thanksgiving dinner, meals for a week, a case of beer, and bottle of wine for $140!!! WOOHOO!

Saturday I had planned to pick up my mom around 8:30 and head out for some Christmas shopping while Michael and Nicholas had a boys day out.  Wellllllll, as my luck would have it my car wouldn't start and was dead as it could be.  After Michael getting stranded in it twice yesterday, we have decided it is definitely on borrowed time with us.  It has been nothing but trouble lately.  Not sure when, but pretty sure the Mommy-mobile is on it's way out.  Enough is enough!!!

My mom and I did go out and I got some super cute new Fall place mats at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I am LOVING how it all looks on my table.
My sweet boy ended up having to go to Hobby Lobby with us after the second time they got stranded, so I looked in the backseat on the way home and couldn't help but just stare at him when we got home. He looks so sweet when he is asleep. :-)

After we got all of the car mess straightened out (we hope!), Michael and I left Nicholas for the night with his Gigi and Pawpaw  and we went to finish up our Santa shopping and have a nice quiet dinner just the two of us!  We never go anywhere without Nicholas and it was nice to have a date night just the two of us for a change.  We went to Big River which is one of our most favorite local restaurants.  One of my favorite beers is their winter nip and I was excited to get one! 
We also tried an appetizer off the winter menu, because well, nothing says Happy Holidays quite like a plate of fish tacos.  :-)
When we got home the surprises for the day just kept coming, but luckily this was a happy surprise!  Apparently my boys had been to the local Pandora store lately and picked this up for me!!! 
I really think I have the best husband in the world that after he spent literally all day with my craptastic car, humored me with Santa shopping at a busy Toys R Us, then still gave me a "just because" gift.  I sure do LOVE him! :-)

After we got Nicholas this morning we came home and Michael got busy doing some last minute things to get the house ready for Thanksgiving while I did some baking.  I looked around our living room last week and almost passed out at how nasty our rug had gotten, so I borrowed a carpet cleaner and Michael cleaned our rug.  It looks so much better!!! (this is in the garage, but it's amazing what a little shampoo can do!)  
This is the mess in my kitchen right now.  AHHHH!!!!  At least the pumpkin roll is finished and in the freezer!
The baby is still taking a long nap, so I'm going to finish cleaning up my mess and then maybe I can watch a little Hallmark before dinner.  This week is traditionally one of my busiest weeks at work, but I'm just working tomorrow and Tuesday, then I'm off for 5 days!  I can't wait!