Sunday, November 11, 2012

21 Days of Thankfulness: Day 10

I am a day late writing this post because yesterday I was just too tired, but Friday night we traveled to Knoxville and watched my dad's team in the 2nd round of the playoffs. I knew how much my dad has enjoyed this season, but I don't think he was quite ready for it to be over just yet.

His team has had a remarkable turnaround this season. They had only won 5 games in 2 years and won 10 this season. The only two games they lost were to #1 teams in the state. However, what meant so much to me was their attitudes. Following the games they always gave the glory to God in their interviews, on twitter, and FB status. They completely 100% understood where their strength was coming from. They showed incredible sportsmanship in every game. I know that several of their opponents have commented on it. If they tackle you, they always help you back up. At the end of this last game in all of their sadness and pain, as soon as the quarterback from the other team took a knee to end the game, one of our lineman stood up and hugged the center from the other team. That spoke volumes to me. I consider it nothing but a privilege to have been able to watch them this season and to be a part of their of their football family.

Now, what does this have to do with being thankful? Well, 12 years ago my dad left coaching football and retired thinking he was ready to end that part of his life. Over time he missed it more and more, but never actively looked for a job or really even thought about it. One day this opportunity came to him and he has never looked back. He is happier than he has been in years and it truly is his calling to have an impact on young lives. I always knew how much my friends that played for him loved him, but until Friday night, I had never seen his players or their families thank him and tell him. I cannot tell you how much that meant to him and to even my mom and I. I am beyond thankful he had this opportunity and I am thankful that he has been able to be a part of such a special group of young men who impressed me as a team making a huge turnaround, but much more by what wonderful young men they are. I am thankful that in this day in time they are not egotistical, self absorbed, but team players and know it is all about playing for God and going him the glory.

So, until we do it again next August, GO SEAHAWKS!!! Know that I am praying for each of you. You are truly a special group of young men and God has a special plan for each of you.