Friday, November 9, 2012

A Catch Up Post and 21 Days of Thankfulness Day 9

I haven't done a catch up post and we've been busy, so here are some fun highlights of the past couple of weeks: 

Three weeks ago we got together with my extended family for lunch and to celebrate my "little" cousin's engagement!  Cameron and Cody have always been very special to me.  I grew up an only child and they lived less than a mile from us and I babysat them often (they made this a miserable job! Ha!) so they were really more like little brothers than cousins to me.  It was fun to get together and to meet Cameron's new fiancee, Dani!  Nicholas thought he was so big having his picture made with them!  Definitely a picture of three of my favorite guys in the world!
The week leading up to Halloween daycare had theme days.  The Friday before was football fan fanatic day and it was also Pawpaw's last regular season game, so duh...what else would he have worn, but his jersey and silver pants!!!
We got a quick shot of us together too.  :-)
The next day Nicholas and I participated in the democratic process and went to vote!  It was important to me to take him just as my Nana took me in 1984 when I was 3!  I want him to always know that voting is a privilege of living in this awesome country and it is something we always need to do.
 Last weekend we had family pictures made.  I am IN LOVE with them!  I'll post more when I get my copy of them, but for now, here is a sneak peek!
 Pretty sure this one is about to be a 16x20 canvas over my couch.  I love how the colors all look together and Nicholas just cracks me up.  Our photographer does a fabulous job catching his personality.
Now, for 21 Days of Thankfulness, Day 9:  I am very thankful that not only did God give me a large family, but he gave me two sweet cousins that are like sisters to me.  My cousins, Lindsey and Katie and I have always been close and I know I can always depend on them if I need them and same for them with me.  We are headed to Knoxville tonight to watch my dad's team play in the playoffs, and Lindsey and Katie are coming to keep N for me.  He loves them and I know they are super excited to get to spend a couple of hours with him.  I am so thankful for my family and the fact they love my sweet boy so much!  I know he will have so much fun with them!