Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Addiction

My name is Amanda and I have a problem. Babies R Us is my own personal Disney World and Six Flags all in one and I am addicted to going up and down every.single.aisle. It is pitiful! Today my mom (who has the same sickness, we REALLY shouldn't be going there together) and I went to BRU to make sure everything I wanted was on my registry and in stock. I did end up changing a few things and I'm LOVING my new selections.

I have had a terrible time with my travel system selection. First, the one I liked months ago and registered for, I ended up having regrets because it was HUGE. Then I found another one at Target that I liked, but it just seemed kind of flimsy. However, this week it became unavailable at all the local stores. Ahhhh! Sooooooo, today I made a new selection and after playing with it, I am in love! It folds with ease, has a lot of great safety features, and a very neutral pattern in case a little sister comes one day. I can't wait to play with it some more! Ha!
I had also been reading some reviews on the bouncy seat I chose and I know a girl that had one and it ended up being junk. I made the decision to go ahead and select another one for Nicholas. I thought this one looked like fun!
While browsing the aisles, I noticed they also had the diaper bag that matched the new travel system, so of course I picked that up too! Ha! I.Need.Help! Haha! By that time my mom and I decided we needed to leave, fast!