Sunday, March 15, 2015

A BIG Surprise!!!

We had made the decision about a year ago that our family was complete.  We were happy with our little family and honestly felt complete.  The road to have Nicholas was a two year journey filled with loss, unknowns, anxiety, lots of tears, and a lot of stress. Neither of us wanted to go through that or the pain of infertility again. We began planning for a 10th anniversary trip for ourselves, another Disney trip and began getting excited for all of the big boy things happening with Nicholas like starting kindergarten!  I was enjoying my new role at work and we were looking forward to not having to pay daycare much longer! Haha! As I mentioned in my last couple of posts, life has been hectic and we lost two of our grandparents over the last two months and well, in the middle of it all, God laughed at our plans yet again and gave us a HUGE SURPRISE!!!!....

That's right, Nicholas is going to be a BIG BROTHER in late September!  Around the end of January I had been busy with my Nana being sick and passing away and the day I went back to work and got back into a routine I started to notice that I just wasn't feeling right.  I had thought for the week before that it was just from all the emotional stress of losing my Nana, but after going back to work I realized it probably wasn't.  I came home that night and took a test and surprise!  It was positive immediately!  I saw a test line before the control line even popped up!  In all the times I have had a positive pregnancy test (remember I've had several losses) I've NEVER had one that clearly positive!  It took us a few weeks to get used to the idea ourselves.  We didn't tell anyone for about a month, but once we had two great dr appointments, we announced to our families.

We are thrilled and excited!  After being told that we could not get pregnant without the aid of medication or fertility treatments, I'm sure you can imagine our surprise! Even our OB was surprised to see us back! Haha! We are currently 12 weeks pregnant and I'm happy to say that everything looks good so far!  I have been back on the progesterone, aspirin, and 4mg of folic acid a day plan that I did with Nicholas, but able to come off of the progesterone on Friday!  I have been sick 24/7 and exhausted isn't even the word for it, but we are excited and very thankful for our little surprise! Nicholas is thrilled and can't wait!  He is excited about "our new baby" and is really hoping for a "sister baby"!