Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Santa! I Know Him!

It has become a tradition for me to post our Santa picture on Christmas Eve. This year we only saw Santa at school, but it is the same Santa we've seen every year and it was a great picture! 
I've kind of felt bad that we didn't make it to see "the real Santa at the mall", but it has been so crazy around here with Christmas parties, sick Grandparents, shopping, work, and life.  I was going to take him on Monday, but he decided he didn't want to go since he "sent a letter with Ernie!"

Nicholas has been tracking Santa on the Santa tracker app today!  We are getting excited for him to visit tonight!  We made a list for Ernie the Elf to take back home on December 1st.
Nicholas is hoping most of his list is on board with Santa right now!  We are cooking a big batch of gumbo for dinner and settling in to watch Polar Express before bed.  Hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas Eve!