Saturday, December 13, 2014

Just A Few Of My Favorite Things...Gift Ideas

Since it is LESS THAN TWO WEEKS until Christmas, I wanted to give some last minute gift ideas for anyone struggling this year.  These are 12 of my favorite things right now.
***none of these items or brands are sponsored and 100% my true opinion***

1. MomAgenda personal planner.  

This will be the second year that I've used it and couldn't be happier. It gives me a row for everything I need to keep up with. I also love that most items ship the same day! 

2.  Glitter Monogrammed shirts! 
I have found a local person that I have ordered from (Swag on Facebook) and the shirt pictured came from DDP Mongram and gifts online. I love all things glitter and monogrammed, so these shirts are a win win for me! (Swag is still taking orders!)

3.  Coton Colors Happy Everything platters and accessories
I got this platter for Mother's Day and it has been perfect for entertaining and decorating. Nicholas loves picking out new attachments and seeing them displayed in the kitchen. 

4.  Polar Heart Rate Monitor Watch 
If you like to run or workout I think this is a must have item! I have used mine since April and it makes my workouts better to be able to see my calorie counts. My sensor actually took an unfortunate trip through the washer and dryer, but after a day or two, worked like new again! 

5.  Personalized Adult Sippy Cups from ForPoshSake
(Photo from forposhsake IG account) 
I am in love with these cups and hope that I find one under my tree! (Hint hint Michael!)  They are so cute and perfect for a mom on the go! 

6. Scarves 
I haven't really ever embraced the scarf trend, but I'm loving my big, warm, scarves this year (this one is my favorite!).

7.  Scentsy Warmers and Wax 
When we had Nicholas I worried about burning candles in the house and Scentsy was a perfect solution. He has knocked hot wax on him and it cools immediately!  Highly recommended if you've never tried t! 
8.  Bath and Body Works
I LOVE Bath and Body Works shower gels and bubble baths!  They make awesome gifts and stocking stuffers!

9.  A Comfy Pair Of Slippers
I bought these leopard print sequined slippers at Target last year and love wearing them (even out in public when I want to be comfy)!  This picture was actually taken on a Saturday when I went into work for a few hours! Ha!

10.  Starbucks Gift Cards
Every woman I know would LOVE a Starbucks gift card in her stocking this year!  

11.  Crossbody Purse
I am on my third one and it is perfect for shopping and when I don't want to lug around my big bag. You can get a cross body just about anywhere purses are sold in any price range. 
12.  Cute notepads 
I love having fun and cute notepads to make my grocery lists, to do lists, and to take notes at work. I usually buy them anywhere from Walmart and Target to boutiques. You can find them just about anywhere and they are perfect for stocking stuffers!