Sunday, August 10, 2014

Anyone Still Out There?

Helllllooooo!!!! Anyone still out there?

Hi! It's me, the absentee blogger. 

I am really, really hoping to get into a groove now that preK has started and we are getting back into a routine at home. Of course, our Fall routine is crazy with consignment sales, football Fridays, and my OSHA work doubles with end of the year deadlines, but I am DETERMINED to check in at least weekly. Maybe thoughts for Thursday, a Football Friday post and a weekend wrap up... 

What's been going on with The Ledfords... We went to Destin with my parents, Nicholas turned 4 and had a fabulous Star Wars party on July 5, we went to a couple of minor league baseball games, we've been at the pool a lot on the weekends, and Nicholas started preK at his school yesterday. (He is in a fabulous program at daycare, but he will go into the lottery for a spot in our county preK program next year, but if he doesn't get a spot he will start kindergarten) I have been burdened to blog and actually sat down several times to get started, but honestly, this summer has been so much fun and I have really enjoyed my break from blogging, twitter, and I cutback on Facebook and Instagram (although both are used to keep out of town family in the loop, so I didn't cut back much). It's amazing how much life happens when you put down the phone and just enjoy the moment.  

I'm hoping by the end of the month to have a birthday and vacation post up and hopefully get back to some weekly brain dump posts again. Until then, just wanted to pop in and say hi...if anyone is still there!