Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night we went out to eat with Michael's grandfather. He is 80 and was sick at Christmas, so we missed seeing him then. Nicholas was excited to spend some time with him. This was the first time he has realized that they all have the same middle name and it seriously made this kid's day!  He kept saying "we ALL have the same Allen name!" Haha!
It was so good to see him and spend some much needed time with him. 

Saturday was a crazy busy day. I had several errands to run, with the wild man preschooler. While we were out I ran in Hobby Lobby because I have been stalking a canvas for the playroom for 3 weeks. It was finally 50% off, so it is now mine waiting to be hung this weekends 
Saturday night we went out to eat with our friends and off to UTC for the basketball game. It was so fun for me, but at the same time, a weird nostalgic moment. When we first got there it was weird being there as a 32 year old with a family rather than a 20 year old there with a boyfriend and friends!  
It was so fun and Nicholas loved it!  I can't wait to take him to some football game this Fall at Finley Stadium. I definitely have some really great memories there! 
Our good friend and neighbor is the announcer for the Mocs, so he told us to come down to the court after the game. Nicholas and Michael sat down court side and it was so sweet to see them talking about the game! 
Sunday we spent the day cleaning, doing piles of laundry, and making food for the Super Bowl party!  We went to our neighbors for a fun night of watching my main man Peyton! For those of you who wonder why we are Peyton fans, we don't really have a NFL team around here and I had a unique experience of spending some time around Peyton when I was in college and I have always respected him as a person and player. I put on my blue and orange and cheered loudly with my friend Sandy! Here we are doing our "it's ok, there is still time!" face in the 2nd quarter...
And here we are again at the end of the game. There were no words. Just sadz. Just plain sadz. 
It's ok though Peyton, I still love you!  I also do not believe he will retire this year. He is too driven and too hungry for better to go out after a loss like that. However, I am also happy for the Seahawks, especially Derrick Coleman and Richard Sherman.  Both should be praised for hard work, being drug free and nerve arrested, and that they have overcome huge obstacles to get where they are today! Congratulations to them!