Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

As I attempt to get back in the groove here, I am going to do all I can to post a weekly weekend wrap up and Thoughts for Thursday. Hopefully I can hold myself pretty accountable! 

Friday evening we met our good friends for pizza. Nicholas was excited to see his "girfends" and they all missed Tate who was sick and unable to come. It was nice to have an hour where the kids could play, eat, and I think we should make this a more frequent thing! 

I LOVE my weekend time with my family. I know a lot of people wonder why I don't make a lot of social plans on the weekends or why I prefer a quiet, lazy night in to being with others. The answer is simple. I have been going nonstop, on the phone, on the computer, seeing patients, talking or communicating in some form or fashion with someone all week and I simply just need a break. I also enjoy getting to just be still at home and playing with Nicholas. However, I do enjoy the hour or 2 a week that I take to buy groceries and run a quick errand or two.  Since Nicholas is in the car with me the entire commute daily, it is nice to just have a quiet ride alone sometimes. ;-) 

Saturday morning the boys went out and took a ride into the mountains and I took advantage to run to the mall and the grocery store. As much as I enjoy that quiet time, it is always strange to look back and not see a sweet face looking back at me!  They had a lot of fun and when they got home and I saw how muddy Michael's truck was, I knew they had fun! Ha! 

Sunday we went out for lunch at one of my favorite Sunday spots, Blue Plate. Nicholas has gotten to be such a big boy when we go out. He sat and ate and was content to watch the food prep area we could see from our table. He also loves to give hugs and "cudders" (also known as cuddles) which I take fill advantage of these days!
Side note: if you are ever looking for a tasty BLT or brunch in the downtown Chattanooga area, Blue Plate is my favorite for both! 

Last night we were expecting up to 2-3 inches of snow this morning, so Nicholas went to bed in his snowman pjs. 
Sadly, all we had in our area was some nice, slick black ice and temperatures in the upper teens all day! Burrr. So, we ended up not getting a snow day and off to work and school we went.