Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

In our Christmas Eve tradition, I'm posting this year's Santa picture.  We actually had 2 this year, one at school and one at the mall, but the day we saw him at the mall was awesome! Nicholas woke up yelling from his room "get up Mommy! It's a special day! I'm going to see Santa!" So, we got dressed and Nicholas insisted he wear his elf hat, which was a huge hit when Santa came out and saw him wearing it and said "even an elf came to see me!" It made our day!

Nicholas was so excited to sit in his lap and tell him everything he wanted. It was everything I've always dreamed my child's interaction with Santa would be...including a huge hug from Santa! 
Nicholas asked for a few things this year consistently: power ranger, Jake Legos, and nerf guns. This was his list from school

We will see tonight just how much of that he gets! Hopefully he has been a good boy because we have our milk and cookies ready, Nicholas is in bed, and mommy and daddy are relaxing watching a Christmas movie in bed.