Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

Be patient with me over the next few days as I attempt to get the blog caught up!  2 posts in less than 12 hours isn't bad for me!  Haha!  Yay insomnia!

The last weekend of September we made the decision to go to the pumpkin patch a week earlier than planned.  It was a day in the low-mid 70s and gorgeous sunshine, so we couldn't pass up such a nice day!  We went back to Old McDonald's Farm that we went to last year and it was so much fun!!!  Nicholas had so much fun and we did too!  We got there right after lunch and stayed for almost 3 hours!  There is a lot for kids to do there.  Nicholas spent an hour just going up and down the big slide and playing in the corn cribs!

Last year Nicholas could have cared less about the petting zoo, but he loved seeing the animals this year.  This age really is a fun age!  I love seeing all the new experiences and fun in his face every single day! We finally got him to sit still long enough to eat a hot dog before we went on the hayride to the pumpkin patch.  

The hayride is definitely my favorite part of our day there.  The entire ride to the pumpkin patch Nicholas kept telling us he was going to get "a giant pumpkin" like the one in a Bearenstein Bear book he loves. Haha! 

When we came home Nicholas proudly displayed his pumpkins for all to see on the front porch!