Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Nana!

My Nana is truly an amazing woman. She has done SO much in her 83 years. I truly believe she has lived one of the most full, Godly lives of anyone I know. Today we celebrated her 83rd birthday and I couldn't help but think of everything she has seen in her lifetime. She has seen 13 presidents, the great depression (she used to talk about it a lot), Pearl Harbor, World War II, Kennedy assassination, Vietnam, 9-11, and both Iraqi wars. She married at 16, became an interior designer in her mid 40s, a grandmother at 51, a widow and on her own for the 1st time at 56, and again at 77. She definitely has seen and been through a lot! 

My Nana has always been my biggest fan and probably loves me more than anyone (it also makes me laugh because I see the same thing with my mom and Nicholas). I have been blessed to have her and blessed to be able to say she is my Nana, so today, we celebrated her!

We had a small party at her assisted living this afternoon. We brought cupcakes and enjoyed spending some time with Nana and her friends. 
After her party, we brought her to our house and we grilled out and had her favorite...homemade peach ice cream! To me nothing says Summer quite like peach ice cream. Nana always made it during the Summer and it has always been a family favorite. We enjoyed a nice evening just being a family and celebrating our favorite Nana! 

Happy birthday Nana! We love you!