Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

This has been a fun, but different kind of weekend. Michael and his dad went on their annual camping trip with some friends and Nicholas and I spent the weekend together. Friday night we had a lazy night at home (like always!). We got a pizza, watched pirate movies, and had an early bedtime.  I have been battling allergies and bronchitis all week, so it was an early night with some benadryl for me!

Yesterday was a super fun day! My mom and I had been wanting to go to an outlet mall about 2 hours away for a few years, but just haven't ever gotten there. Well, yesterday was the day! We loaded up my car with lots of books, toys, and the big stroller and off we went. Yes, it would have been better without the toddler, but he was a great shopper yesterday. He does terrible in our local, indoor mall, but is a great shopper in an outdoor outlet mall (one reason I love outlet shopping).

 We did so well shopping. I got some awesome things at Loft, J. Crew, Gap, Heartstrings, and my mom racked up at Coldwater Creek. I couldn't reach Michael to ask him about a few things I found in the store, so I still plan to order a couple of things from J. Crew online outlet. It was definitely worth the scenic drive through the mountains for the deals we got!

Last night we went to visit Nana and Nicholas worked a puzzle with her and showed off his counting to 20! When we got home I let him watch a movie in my bed and he fell asleep, so he got to sped the night there. He has never slept in our bed, but he did well, until he woke up super early. Ha!

Today we waited on Michael to come home then we spent the day playing. It was good to have my little family all at home again!  Nicholas and Daddy took off down the street riding Nicholas' bike!  I die at how cute he was in his little helmet (I make him wear a helmet no matter what, even a small fall can cause a big head injury).

This afternoon we decided to go to the zoo.  We have a membership, but we don't get to go that often.  Nicholas has also been asking about his friends the monkeys lately, so today we went to visit them! 

His new favorite...the "pirate parrots"!  Hahaha!
 After the zoo we went to get some frozen yogurt.  Nicholas had a great day and enjoyed spending some time with Daddy!  When we saw him pull in the driveway Nicholas ran to the door screaming "DADDY HOME!!!!"
I am so glad my little family is all back under one roof tonight.  We sure did miss Michael!  I think they missed each other, don't you?