Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Little Sickie

We have a little sickie at our house right now.  :-(  My sweet boy was sent home from school yesterday with what appeared to be pink eye on the left.  We had a rough night with a fever, tossing and turning and crying a lot.  Anytime we asked him to see his eye, this is what he did.  It hurt to open it and this is how he looked almost all night.

He woke up this morning and saying his eye hurt and "I see doctor NOW because my eye hurts!".  His right eye was swollen, but the left was almost swollen shut and matted together.  We went to see the pediatrician this morning and it looks like he has pink eye in both eyes, a sinus infection, and an ear infection.  It never fails, he almost always gets sick on a Tuesday evening and our pediatrician is off on Wednesdays.  We have seen one of her partner three times now and I really like him.  I'm so thankful that our practice has such good doctors to cover for each other that I never mind seeing anyone else.

It was 35 degrees and snowing when we left the pediatrician's office, but I was the crazy lady at the Chick-Fil-A ordering an ice cream cone for my toddler.  He refused to eat or drink anything this morning, but he wanted an "ice keme cooooone" so I gave in.  He is sick, so whatever goes!  So, I ordered my toddler an ice keme coooooone and a chicken tortilla soup for me.  Ha!

I've had some not so good experiences lately with the chain pharmacies in our town, but I've been hearing excellent reviews about our local hometown pharmacy, so I tried it out today.  My experience there could not have been better!  I am sold and plan to transfer all of our prescriptions there soon!  If you have a local pharmacy that isn't a chain, try it out!  We got our eye drops, albuterol, and antibiotic and on our way in 10 minutes!  SOLD!

We came home and sweet boy rested on the couch watching Disney (again, who has rules on sick days! Unlimited TV time today, judge away!) while I picked up the house.  He had a little Cars chicken noodle soup and is resting again.  Anytime my little man doesn't move for more than 10 minutes, consider him sick! Ha!

I had already volunteered to work an inspection shift at the consignment sale tonight, so I had to take him to my dad at 4:00 and rush over to the sale to work my shift.  They told me he wasn't himself and didn't play as much as usual.  Again, not a good sign when it comes to our busy little toddler!

He will be out of school at least one more day, so it looks like tomorrow he will go to my parents house for Camp Pawpaw while I go back to work.  I'm sad to have to leave my sick little man, but this is NOT a good week for me to be out, so I have to go back tomorrow.  I'm just thankful my dad is home to keep him tomorrow.  Hopefully he will be much better by then and able to return to school for Friday.