Sunday, February 17, 2013

Catch Up Time...Again

Whew! I think I can finally sit down long enough to write an update. It has been a wild couple of weeks around here, so I am significantly behind...AGAIN.  :-(

The day that Nana went home Michael and I took a weekend getaway to Gatlinburg. We got a Groupon for an awesome deal for 2 nights and went as a late anniversary getaway. (I was actually already there when I updated last about Nana) It was so pretty when we got there. We went on a day the entire town was shut down due to an ice storm the night before. The road were ok, but the side streets and sidewalks were icy.

This was the view from our room and balcony.  It was right on a creek and it was so peaceful.

We also had a fireplace in our room that we kept going most of the time we were there.  Michael loved it so much he has declared that we will have a wood burning fireplace in our next house, I'm not so sold on the idea.
The 2nd day Gatlinburg was a normal, crazy busy place. The only downside was that we both woke up that morning sick. Michael had sinus symptoms, but I had a horrible sore throat and cough. We made the best of it and went on with our plans anyway. That night we had a great dinner at The Park Grill. The food is always good there and we made it our main meal of the trip. They sat us by the fireplace and it was so nice and cozy!
We were supposed to take a trolly ride to see the lights, but by the time dinner was over we felt terrible and just went to sleep! Ha! The next day we hurried home and by the time we got home I had a fever and felt terrible. I was so happy to see my baby, but couldn't get too close and it broke my heart.

By Tuesday I was really sick and finally agreed to go to the doctor.  I ended up struggling to breathe and had chest pain by then and was diagnosed with severe bronchitis and early pneumonia. I spent the next several days in bed.   Luckily, Michael got better on his own and miraculously, Nicholas never caught it.   I was given 5 medications, but it took over a week to get back to the land of the living.  This was my evening cocktail the 1st night...
Two weeks ago we went to Canyon's birthday party.  Nicholas had fun playing with the big kids, but really enjoyed playing a game with his Daddy!   I love that Michael enjoys getting in the floor and playing with him.

Two weeks ago I spent all week getting caught up at work from being out and worked at night on a surprise party for my dad that we had last Saturday night. More on that tomorrow and later this week I'll do a post about Valentine's Day and Nicholas' big news (no, he is NOT going to be a big brother, he has some other exciting news involving a paci).