Tuesday, January 8, 2013

8 Years

8 years ago those two young, skinny kids had NO idea what the next few years would bring.  Pretty sure if they did, we wouldn't be here today.  Haha!  It is so hard to believe it has actually been 8 years since this day.  It was one of the very best days of my life and I truly love Michael more today than I did then.  I cannot imagine my life without him and He is the best husband and dad I could ask for Nicholas and I. 

I wanted to show you a few of my favorite wedding pictures from that day.  Another sign of how long ago it has been since we got married...It cracks me up when I look at my wedding pictures on the computer because I had to scan them in back in the day.  We didn't have all of our pictures on digital, just about 200/800 of our pictures were digital.  Only a few very expensive photographers in our area were going 100% digital then.  What a long way wedding photography has come!  Haha!

Our first glimpse of each other
Yes, we had a big wedding party and I wouldn't do it any other way!

We went to a park by the river and had some pictures taken which turned out great!

Two of my favorites from the reception

Another sign of how long we've been married...tonight instead of a fancy dinner out, we are grilling steaks and eating in while watching TV.  :-)