Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

We have had an amazing day!!!  This age continues to be my favorite and this Christmas was definitely one for the memories!  We started our day when our sweet boy woke up around 8:30 this morning.  Michael went in to get him and told him Santa came last night.  Next thing I knew he was running as fast as he could into the living room to check the tree!  He immediately went for his leap pad and then his Cars stuff. 
 He has really enjoyed open presents from us (Santa leaves presents unwrapped) and had a lot of fun seeing what he got. 
 It took him a minute to figure out his stocking, but once he did, he thought it was pretty cool and just kept digging for more!  Haha!

 The boys got me a few charms for my Pandora bracelet and a couple sweet cards.  Notice while I was reading cards my little helper was digging through my stocking! Ha!
 Michael got a TV a few weeks ago for his main present, but I picked up a few Polo items for him on Thanksgiving night at the outlet mall.
 After we opened presents and cleaned up a little we went over to my parents for Christmas with them and lunch with my extended family.  Gigi may have gone a little overboard when she bought for Nicholas...
 He LOVED his new tractor!  He pushed it all over their house for 30 minutes before lunch!
 I really think he favorite thing other than his Leap Pad that he got today was his Bucky ship from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  He has played with it for hours.
 Pawpaw has been dying to give him a football for about a year and decided this was a great time to do it since Nicholas has recently had an interest in it.  I'm sure this Spring and Summer they will use it a lot!
 My mom made a fabulous lunch!  I made another potato casserole, cherry fluff, and deviled eggs to bring.
 My Nana came from her assisted living and seemed to really enjoy herself and especially spending time with Nicholas.  She seemed to really like her calendar this year!
 Nicholas and Nana kept dancing to the music from his Bucky ship.  It was too funny!  He just laughed and laughed.  Those were the moments that made not being at home all day worth it.
 Here is our family today.  We had a casual, cozy day.  It was cool and rainy and I didn't feel like dressing up, so we just went in warm comfy clothes. 
We got home around 5:15, brought everything in and put everything up (except toys) and just relaxed.  Our tired, no nap toddler went down around 7:30 and I crashed.  It has been an amazing Christmas and I am so beyond thankful for this sweet boy and the joy and happiness he has brought to our family.  We love him more and more everyday.  I remembered those of you still waiting on your special blessing and prayed for you today.  I know how hard holidays are when you are still waiting.  I pray you all have your little miracles by next Christmas.