Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Great Gummy Incident of 2012

Sorry for a 2nd post today, but I already had the recipes scheduled and I must tell a Mommy fail that happened this morning.  Y'all I was horrified, I mean HORRIFIED at how I took my kid to school today.  It all started when I went in his room at 7:05, already 10 minutes behind and he jumped up holding two fists out saying "gummies".  The last thing we did before bed last night was to take his singulair and vitamin gummies. Well, apparently someone didn't eat his gummies and was planning to save them until later...IN HIS HANDS!  During the night they melted and were all over his hands, face, and HAIR!  This is the kid with the hair of a 10 year old that I can never get to do anything in the morning anyway, WITH GUMMIES IN HIS HAIR!  I didn't have time to give him a bath or wash his hair, so he went to school with matted gummies in his hair.  I was dying every time we passed someone in the hallway and I totally apologized to his teacher immediately at the way my child looked.  Don't judge, you know it happens to all of us sometimes.  :-)
This isn't a good picture, but it was the best I could do after he ran from me and my brush.  While we are on the subject of toddler hair, anyone have any good tips on how to style a little boys hair in the morning?  I need to tame this kid's hair in a bad way, but I'm not ready for him to have a "big boy" cut. :-)