Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Fun With A Fun Toddler

This Fall is quickly becoming the best Fall I've ever had.  I am LOVING age 2 and I absolutely cannot wait until Christmas.  I cannot even imagine how much fun he will be this year because he has been a blast while enjoying some Fall activities!  Last night we took him back to one of my dad's games and he was so good and really enjoyed watching "Pawpaw team".  He loves looking up into the press box and watching Pawpaw work.  He was just the cutest thing I've ever seen in his green and grey jersey and pants.  Melt my heart! 
Last night was their last home game (unless they get lucky enough to play at home in the playoffs) and they also set a school record for most wins in a season with a new record of 8-1!!!  They beat a team that they were really worried about 24-0!!!!  I am SO proud of these guys!  They have been working very hard since June and it shows!
Nicholas had fun watching the game and cuddling with Gigi.
After the game Nicholas and Pawpaw posed for a few pictures!  Pawpaw, we are proud of you and your guys!!!  Keep up the hard work for another few weeks!
This morning we loaded up and went to a really cool farm in Sale Creek, TN, about 45 minutes away with one of our favorite families, the Millers.  We are so glad we found this farm/pumpkin patch because it is an hour closer than where we usually go and there was so much for the boys to do.  They loved every minute of it!  Nicholas has begun to love and I mean LOVE tractors and he squealed and ran over to this red tractor as soon as we got through the gate.  
 His favorite thing, other than the big antique tractors that were there was the 2nd story barn slide!  There were 2 of these on either side of the barn and he went down them several times...alone even!  Someone make him slow down!  I don't like that he is getting so big!!!  Love his expression here! Hahaha!

 He also loved the corn crib.  I think he would have played in it for hours if we had let him! 
 He just kept falling down and sinking in it!
 Nicholas loves farm animals and the petting zoo was adorable.  He kept saying "goat, goat".
 There was a tractor display there today and he absolutely loved sitting on all of the tractors.  He had to sit and "drive" all of them!

 After playing and eating a lunch from the concession stand, we went on a hayride.  Nicholas loved riding the "tracor".  It took us out into a pumpkin patch and we got to pick a pie pumpkin for everyone in our party.
 We chose our 3 pumpkins and got back on the ride.  The Millers got a big pumpkin along with their little ones, but since we already had some, I held off.

 When we got home, Nicholas put them all on the porch and kept moving them around until they were just right!  I love how he has to have everything just his Mommy! Haha!
We still have one more fun surprise for him this weekend. He is going to Disney on Ice tomorrow!!!  I am so excited for him to see Mickey in person and well, I'm pretty darn excited myself!  Poor kid is going to have a fun overload by Monday with all of these fun activities in one weekend!