Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Whew!!! What a week we've had!  It has been a little crazy here which led to me being MIA again, so here is a catch up of what we've been up to the past week:

Wednesday we celebrated a pretty important day at work, Dr. Smith's 50th birthday!  It wasn't really until Thursday, but we knew we had to do it when he was scheduled to be in the office or he would never show up! Ha!  We decorated and put up "caution, 50th birthday" tape all over the office.
Dr. Barker bought a HUGE chocolate suicide cake from a cafe downtown and it is probably the very best cake in Chattanooga.  This, my friends is what $71 and a LOT of chocolate look like in a cake!

I am loving that Nicholas is very possibly my dad's team's biggest fan!  Any time we talk about Pawpaw these days he yells "PAWPAW'S TEAM!".  On Fridays we always wear our green and gold and this past Friday he made me laugh out loud.  I was getting him dressed and he pointed to me and said "Mama wearing green" pointed back to himself and said "Ichas (his name for himself) wearing green too! Pawpaw's team!"   He also ran into school and pointed to his shirt and announced to his teacher "green pawpaw's team!"  It made my football loving heart explode! Ha!  Here we were before school.  No clue what I am looking at! Ha!
I've had several long days at work and Michael worked Monday-Saturday this week, so we had a nice, relaxing Friday night in.  Nicholas was so tired that when we got home that he requested to watch Cars and when I turned around from letting the dog out, he was curled up on the couch under his Cars blanket! Ha!  I think our week was hard on more than just Michael and I!
I may have been at home and in my pajamas by 8:45, but that doesn't mean I didn't spend my Friday night Twitter stalking the team while they played 2 hours away! Ha!  I have a subscription to an awesome online scoreboard that texts me every time someone scores in their game.  I could not be any more proud of a certain group of 31 boys as I am Dad's team!  They won their 6th game of the year 56-19!!!!  That is a HUGE accomplishment for such a small team.  I'm a believer that 1. You can do anything you think you can when you trust in the Lord and 2. they have a HUGE heart and know how to play as a team.  They have now beat 6 teams that not only out sized them, but had a team twice their size!  They are definitely living up to their motto:   Colossians 3:23: "Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men."  I'm excited for this upcoming Friday night to take Nicholas back to watch "pawpaw's team!"  Here is the forecast, PERFECT! 

Yesterday N and I had a day at home.  We had our Fall Scentsy going, taco soup in the crockpot, and I spent the day cleaning out his Summer clothes and bringing in all of his new Fall and Winter stuff.  I also sorted stuff for our upcoming yard sale and consignment sale.  This kid has A LOT of clothes! Ha!
We also watched the UT/UGA game.  Let's not talk too much about the game other than to say that I think they did AWESOME considering that Georgia is 5th ranked.  They hung in there and that is more than I expected.  Sometimes a cool Fall day is just complete with taco soup and a Fall beer in front of the TV watching good college football!

This morning we went to church and back home to get organized for the week ahead.  Nicholas is loving his Sunday school class and I am so happy.  We actually had not been in awhile until a few weeks ago because I didn't want to leave Nicholas anymore than I had to and I hated the thought of dropping him off an extra day every week.  Luckily he has done great and loves it!  Here we are before we left.  He cracks me up with his muffin and milk!
My dad gave him some trail mix to have in the car on the way home and I turned around to see this!  Haha!  Needless to say, that shirt went in the washer immediately!  Thanks, Pawpaw! :-)

This afternoon, Michael organized our pantry (I LOVE HIM!) and I got our meals for the week ready.  I am also working on an online Bible study for Unglued.  You could still get caught up, we are just one week in.  It is at  It is definitely something I needed to do for myself.  That book sure has spoken to me in several ways.  One thing that stresses me out and I tend to get unglued about is our messy house and it made my heart so happy that Michael organized this for me!  It looks amazing!
We also worked together to get the garage clean enough to fit my car inside!!! My car usually only sees the inside of the garage in the Winter, but with cooler weather and rain coming tomorrow morning...I was ready to move it early! Yay! (Notice my new overhead storage for my holiday decorations!!! I'm excited about that too!)

One of these days (probably sometime in January), I'm hoping we can have a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend.  Until then, things are just going to be crazy!  I looked at our planner yesterday and it is out of control over the next 2 months.  There are a lot of fun memories to be made, but it will be a busy time for a certain toddler.  We have pumpkin patch, birthday parties, Boo at the Zoo, Fall Carnival at school, Halloween, Pawpaw coaching in the playoffs (Lord willing!), Thanksgiving lunch at school, Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping (ok, that is for Mommy, but whatever), School Christmas Pageant, Polar Express ride, and Christmas!  Whew!  That makes me tired to list all of that! Ha!