Monday, August 6, 2012

Being A Boy Mom

There are just some questions people like to ask that are just plain rude.  We got married in 2005 and by 2006 the question started coming, "when are you having a baby?"  Our plan was not until our 3rd anniversary and everyone thought that was crazy.  Then when the 3rd anniversary came and went without an announcement, people acted like we had been married for 10 years and were never having children.  That question REALLY got annoying when we were struggling to get pregnant and wondered if we ever would.  Finally right before our 5th anniversary when we started telling people we were pregnant, the next annoying question started, "do you want a boy or girl?"  Um, in case you've forgotten, we have prayed for a HEALTHY baby, not a boy or girl for the past 2 years, we aren't picky!  Following our ultrasound showing a healthy boy, people then changed it to "awwww, well, maybe next time you'll have a girl" or "boys are so sweet and love their mom", as if I was mourning not having a girl.  LET ME TELL YOU THAT WAS NEVER A THOUGHT OF MINE!
I have never, not one time, wished Nicholas had been a girl.  I LOVE having a boy and I am beyond blessed to have HIM!  He was absolutely, without a doubt worth every month and tear of sadness while I was waiting on God to bless us with him.  My heart gets sad every time someone says something about him not being a girl or makes comments about him being "all boy" like it's a bad thing.  Just last week when I was showing off his pictures, I heard a few similar comments.  I wouldn't trade the trucks lined up on my hearth right now, or the collection of pirate dress up clothes or pirate ships we've started accumulating, or the obsession with bugs and dirt for all the Barbies, pink, and dolls in the world!
The Lord knew that a boy was perfect for me.  I LOVE having a tee ball set, multiple balls, and trucks scattered around my yard.  I love how excited and eager he is to run and play.  I LOVE how he plays with his toys, his Daddy, his Pawpaw, and his Granddaddy.  It makes my heart happy!
 My sweet boy may not join Alpha Delta Pi as my legacy one day and he may not be my future shopping partner, but he sure is everything I ever dreamed of...and so much more!  Not one time have I ever wished he was anything but this sweet, loving, precious bundle of energy I love more than anything on this Earth!
I thank God every, single day that he blessed me with this boy.  We may or may not have more children, but if we do, my heart tells me that I would be 100%, completely ok with another boy.  I am excited for the days of camping, baseball, football, hiking, and all the other boy stuff I've never done before.  God knew exactly what He was doing when He gave me this bundle of energy and love 2 years ago, I know that if He decides to bless us with another child in a couple of years, He will give us exactly what we need!