Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Funday In iPhone Pictures

We had a Sunday Funday for sure today!  We have been wanting to take Nicholas down to the north shore of the TN River to play for the past year, but just haven't ever got there.  After we got up and got ready this morning we decided to go eat at a cute pizza place at the park and go to the splash park!  Needless to say, someone LOVED IT!
Nicholas had only been to one splashpark before and that was almost a year ago when we went to Destin and there was one at our resort.  He loves water and this was perfect for him!  I die at the cuteness of him playing in the fountains.
After we FINALLY pulled him out of the water, we changed him into some dry clothes in the back of the car (obviously while still parked) and walked back to the area where we had lunch and ate some ice cream at Clumpies.  
I get kind of sad when I see how big he has gotten.  I can't believe he sat on a stool and ate every last bite of his ice cream with a spoon without any help or without getting any on his clothes.  Where did my baby go?!
We came home after that and he fell asleep right before we got home.  I just can't believe how big and grown up he is.  He will be 25 months old Wednesday and that just doesn't seem possible to me!  He has been in his new classroom for 4 weeks and we can tell a HUGE difference in him.  He is speaking in complete sentences, talking a lot more clearly, and showing interest in the potty.  I can only imagine what he will be like after he has been in there 6 months!