Friday, June 8, 2012

Fort Nicholas

The weekend of April 20 became hereby known around our house as the weekend from hell. Ha! No really it was the weekend Michael and my dad built Nicholas a fort and swing set in about 17 hours.   We ordered our swing set from Sam's and it came in about 5,000 pieces.  NOTHING and I mean NOTHING was preassembled.  They got started around 11:00 on Saturday morning with several piles of lumber...
By noon they had the base of the fort built

By 2:00, the fort was beginning to look like a fort
By 5:30 the roof was completely on and my dad went home for the night
Michael quit at 8:00 and this was the progress from day 1...

Day 2 started at 8:30am and was mostly finishing the rails and the little picnic area
My dad came back after church and they built the rock wall (every single board and piece), the ladders, and finally started assembling the swing section.

My mom and Nicholas were getting excited after naptime!  Here they were the last few minutes before the slide went up.
As soon as they declared it ready to slide around 4:30, someone climbed right on in! 
AND ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!!!!!  I thought my mom and I would die right there. Ha!
 The first slide!  The pure happiness on his little face made it all worth it.
 And because he did spent 17 hours putting the darn thing together, Michael went down the slide next! 
 Nicholas always loved his Little Tikes slide, but he got a little upgrade that day...
 Nicholas was so excited and his daddy was super excited for him to play on his new swing set.

 The finished product a couple weeks later...complete with Daddy's golf net and a bubble mower! Ha!