Sunday, April 15, 2012


Tuesday was my 31st birthday. How in the world am I already 31?! It seems crazy to me that I'm that old (not that it is old at all!). I had a fabulous day and my family and friends at work made sure it was special!  I got to work that morning to find an envelope on my desk from my boss with a spa gift card!  I immediately called him and told him I would keep working for him for another year (kidding...kind of)!  My coworkers brought yummy snacks and a German chocolate cake (my favorite).  They always know how to make my birthday a good day!

Tuesday night we went to dinner with my parents at Chop House and them back to their house for dessert...of more German chocolate cake!!! I am such a lucky girl.  I have been blessed by God with wonderful parents, a great husband, and the biggest blessing of all, my sweet  boy. Michael took these pictures right before we left for dinner and it just made my heart smile (and wonder why in the world my kid's jeans looks so short???).
I always remember on my birthday (honestly, of my life) how sad I was those years I was waiting for a baby.  It seemed everyone around me was having a baby and all I was having was another month of disappointment.  It still seems so raw and hard for me when I hear of someone that gets pregnant quickly or without any effort or when I hear someone complain about how they are fertile myrtle.  I spent two birthdays crying the entire day, sad that yet another year had gone and I was getting older and older without a baby of my own.  For some reason Mother's Day and my birthday are the two days a year that I am even more thankful for my sweet baby than any other. I want those of you still waiting to know that I am still praying multiple times a day for you to have the same miracle.