Sunday, November 20, 2011

What We've Been Up To Lately

Sorry I've been MIA for a few weeks.  It has been really crazy around here lately and I have been trying to get things done around here to host the Ledford Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Two weeks ago there was a rather large hand, foot, and mouth outbreak at daycare and guess who caught it...AGAIN?!  Apparently if you have had HFM you can still catch it if it is a different type virus.  This one was much easier and gentler than the one we had in August, thank the Lord!  It was mostly on his hands, feet, and sadly, his butt crack. :-(  He went home early on Tuesday and was out the rest of the week. 

He was back to normal by the weekend, yay, so last Sunday, Michael wanted to take a drive and enjoy the pretty Fall weather in the Ocoee.  It is a beautiful drive and area. 
 Yes, we even found a bear!  Don't worry, this was taken from the car and it appeared to be more scared of us than we were of it.
 One of Michael's favorite places in the entire world is a campground in the mountains in Ocoee and he wanted to take Nicholas there.  We took a lot of pictures there.  Here are a few of my favorite.
  Nicholas' favorite new thing to do is to "give a kiss".  Haha!

 Another reason I have not blogged much is that Michael has been working a LOT and Nicholas and I have been home by ourselves a lot and he is B-U-S-Y, to say the least.  He has discovered a love for the pantry, garage, and laundry room.  Nothing is safe because he can now open doors.  I will be investing in lever locks for our doors very soon!  (please excuse my messy pantry)
 The shirt speaks for itself.  Don't you LOVE his cute little belly?!
 Nicholas has completely taken over a corner of the living room, which was always my plan.  I don't want toys spread all over the house, and between this corner and his play room, I've accomplished that.  This picture is so funny. I think he thinks he is doing something he isn't supposed to be! Ha!

I also know I've been slacking with my frozen meals.  Again, I'm doing good to survive right now! Ha!  I'll be back with new ones next week.  This week I did the "freezer meals, Thanksgiving edition" by preparing all of our casseroles and desserts, then freezing.  I have to work Monday and Tuesday which are traditionally two of my busiest days of the year.  I made a spreadsheet of my to-do list by days, so hopefully with that I can accomplish a successful Thanksgiving meal!