Sunday, November 6, 2011

Petting Zoo Birthday

Last Saturday we went to sweet Lauren's 3rd birthday party!  She had a petting zoo theme again and Nicholas LOVED it!  Here is my little farmer ready to go.  I bought him some adorable black boots at JBF the week before, but sadly, he was NOT a fan.  He refused to walk in them! Haha!  We ended up going in our tennis shoes! :-)
Nicholas wasn't sure about it at first, but once he warmed up he LOVED the animals and petting them.
The birthday girl was ALL about it!  She loves holding all of the animals.

Nicholas wasn't too sure about riding the first.  
He seemed to really like the llama.  Maybe because we love the Llama lama books! Ha!
Mommy got him to ride the pony and he seemed to have more fun that time! :-)
Becky made another adorable cake!  She always does such a wonderful job! 
Courtney also got some adorable barnyard cupcakes that were too cute!  The kids loved them!  My little piggie at his in one bite! Ha!

Everyone kept commenting on how well Nicholas did sitting at the table and patiently waiting on his food.  He sits at a table at school and eats, so I think that is just what he knows to do.  I love that they've taught him to be so patient, but sad that he is big enough to just sit there.  Ha!
We had to leave when Lauren started to open her gifts because someone was very tired and fussy.  This was what I saw when I opened the door to get him out.  I think someone partied a little too hard!
My boy loves to party and thanks to Courtney and Lauren for inviting us!  He obviously had a great time!