Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sunny Sunday

We were given a GORGEOUS weekend this past weekend and we took full advantage of the day on Sunday afternoon.  Nicholas was on a nap strike, so I decided to pull out his last Christmas present.  His Granddad and Mimi gave him a water table and toys.  I filled it up with lukewarm water and turned him lose to play in it.  HE LOVED IT!!!!

Such concentration!
 Probably my very most favorite of all of these pictures.  I laughed so hard because he knew exactly what to do with a cup. He filled it up with water and drank it! Hahaha!

 Taking a little break to see what Spencer is doing...which was staying as far away from the baby and water as possible!
 He had such concentration and determination while playing that I could NOT get him to look up at the camera.  He made me laugh so hard while playing with his table.
 Gigi and Grandpa stopped by to say hi while we were outside and here is Nicholas and Gigi playing with his toys.  He had so much fun!!! I can't wait to get it back out again this weekend!  Needless to say he was SOAKED when we went inside.  Even his diaper was heavy it was so wet!  Haha!
We ate a bottle and then went over to play at our neighbor's house with the big kids for a little while.  When we got home around 6:00 he seemed tired, but no more than usual.  Well, after a jar of food and half of another, this is what he did...PRECIOUS!
I hated to wake him up for a bath, but he was down by 7:00 and slept hard until 7:10am when Daddy woke him up!  We are pretty sure that our all-boy will be VERY busy this summer when he can spend time outside.  I can only imagine what our weekends at the pool will be like!  Pray for me with this busy boy! Ha!