Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy 7 Months Nicholas!

This post is SO late, but we have been SICK at our house.  It has taken over three weeks for RSV to run it's course and I am just now really getting over my two injections (just in time for the next one this Friday).  Nicholas has also been working on FOUR teeth, so needless to say, there just hasn't been any time for blogging.  However, we had his 7 month birthday on Sunday, January 30 (since Tuesday was the 1st).  This month I had Becky make him a chocolate/chocolate cake and I think I know what flavor I want for his big birthday now! It was FABULOUS!!!!!

As always, someone wanted to dive in!  Not sure how I am going to keep doing this for the next four months!  Any ideas...Jennifer Francis, help, how did you keep Brody out of his cakes?!

We had chocolate all over us, him, and his chair, so we let him lick it off my hand! Haha!
 Then, he decided it was so good, he would keep going!  Too cute!
"YUMMY Mommy!  When do we do this again?!"
 And the aftermath!  Hahahaha!

This month has really been a big month for you!  You have started sitting up, rolling over all the time without working to do so, crawling, and you laugh all the time!  You have really started playing with your toys and you LOVE and I mean LOVE your jeep!  It is definitely your favorite toy. 

You now eat a fruit at breakfast (usually bananas), a veggie at lunch, and one of each at dinner.  You have liked everything except green beans, which is ok, you still love peas.  You take a 8oz bottle in the mid afternoon and 6 oz with your meals.  We still add 1 tsp of cereal per oz of formula because you still spit up, but just as Dr. DeVoid told us, it is getting better now that you sit up.

You are almost 18 pounds and 27 inches.  You are in size 6 months clothes and we just moved up to size 3 diapers.

You have had your first major illness.  After only missing one day of school in almost four months because of illness, you got RSV.  You were pretty sick, but never really cried except for the first night you were sick.  You continued to be the happiest baby I've ever seen!

Speaking of being happy, no one at your daycare believes that you were ever a fussy or difficult baby.  I even had one random teacher that I had never seen before stop me one afternoon last week to ask if you are always happy.  I was pleased to say that yes, you are!

Nicholas, Mommy and Daddy love you so much and we cannot believe you are 7 months old!  Please slow down!  I'm not ready for you to turn one!  :-)