Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week-end Wrap up

First, thanks everyone for the Happy Anniversary wishes!  You are the best!  We had a great day (more on that below)!

I realized that I haven't really blogged in about a week, so I wanted to get caught up.  I decided to do project 365 considering I take at least one picture every day anyway, so here we go (everyday is not on here because I am saving those for later posts)!  New Year's Day we had some of our neighbors over for football.  Our neighbor Jonathan is a chef at a local restaurant and he brought over some gumbo that I would kill for!  Nicholas dressed for the occasion as you can tell...
 Sunday we had a lazy day at home and I took this picture of Nicholas entertaining himself while I cooked dinner. There is only so much you can do sometimes! Haha!
 I had a very crazy week at work.  Traumaland was crazy this week and I was worn out every night by the time I got home.  Nicholas also started the new year with a new teacher in his classroom.  His teacher quit to stay at home the week of Christmas (when he was out sick) and I was nervous about started with someone new, but he had a great first week with her and so far we love her!  Nicholas has been napping well at school, so he has stayed up later (as in 8:00!).  I've been trying to keep him occupied while I cook or clean up and thank goodness for his favorite toy!  My parents got Nicholas a jeep walker for Christmas and this kid LOVES it!  He has lived in it.  It is too funny!

 He has also enjoyed playing in his "play area" in our living room.  I have to do some childproofing yet, but for right now, this is a good place for him to play while I do things around the house.
Friday I left after lunch to take him for his 6-month appointment.  You can read about that two posts back if you haven't yet.  He is a BIG boy!  Haha!

I'm sad we didn't get a picture of us, but we went out last night for our sixth anniversary.  We went to our favorite local restaurant, Hennen's.  It was unbelievably good (as always)!  My parents offered to keep Nicholas for our anniversary gift, we missed him, but got over eleven hours sleep last night!  We were like new people today!  Ha!

Last week I posted about couponing.  I ended up going with the notebook method and so far I'm doing really well.  I spent the day organizing and putting it all together after I went to pick up Nicholas.
Even Nicholas and Daddy were looking at the ads and helping Mommy pick out coupons! Haha!

It is VERY cold here in the Chattanooga area.  The low last night was 11 and today was only 33.  We are supposed to have a "significant" snow tonight, so obviously I went to the store today before picking up my baby! Haha! Here is our local forecast off the news website: "Winter Storm Warning tonight until 7pm EST Monday.  Snow is expected to move into the Tennessee Valley later tonight and continue through Monday.  Sleet may mix with the snow at times.  Expected accumulations through Monday evening are 4-6" in the Chattanooga metro area and low elevations of western North Carolina, 4-7" in north Alabama, 4-6" in north Georgia, and possibly 8"+ in the highest elevations of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and northeast Georgia." I say, BRING IT ON!  I'm ready for a nice, lazy day cuddling with my baby!  I'm going to start now by drinking a hot chocolate from the Keurig and watching Desperate Housewives.