Tuesday, September 14, 2010

GI Update

We had a very busy day as a family today since Michael was home.  We had our daycare orientation at 11 then Nicholas' follow up GI appointment at 2:30.  I am so happy with our daycare decision.  I am very sad that I have to return to work and leave him everyday, but I love our daycare and I know it is the best place for him if he cannot be with me.  I am very fortunate to have such a good place to take him and it is very close to my office.  We met his teacher and his new little friends and they are wonderful!  His teacher has been there for three years and does a great job.  We met two of the three babies that will be in his class with him.  They were so cute!  There are only four babies in his class and they will all be boys, one of which is the child of a girl I work with.  In January my parent's neighbor's baby girl will be with them.  I think that will be good when they get older that a friend from "school" will be available to play with when he goes to their house.  This is a bad picture because I took it on my phone and my flash did something crazy, but he looked so big in his polo shortalls and socks!
After our orientation we came home, ate a quick lunch, then back in the car to go to the GI dr.  Nicholas now weighs 13 lbs, 6 oz, and still 24 in long!  He is a BIG boy for sure!!!!  Dr. Devoid was very happy with his progress.  He has made a 90% improvement in just three weeks!  I'm so proud! Ha!  Seriously, I am so happy with Dr. Devoid and as hard as it was when we first started the pregestimil, it has been the miracle solution for us.  We have the go ahead now to order a case on ebay (where everyone including both the GI dr and pedi are telling us to get it) because he will be on the "liquid gold" until he turns twelve months old.  We also have the go ahead to try to wean him off the rice mixed in with his formula.  We'll see how that goes.  He doesn't have to see him again until December!!!  Yay!