Monday, September 27, 2010

First Day of School

 Today was Mommy and Nicholas' first day of work and school.  Nicholas did great!!!!  He slept all night last night, I even had to wake him up to get him to school!  The incredible non-napping baby even took three and a half hours worth of naps today!!!!  I almost told them they could keep him when I heard that! Ha!  I did ok dropping him off.  I was more worried about how he would do during the day than I was about leaving him.  He is just across the street from my office and I know if he has a problem they will call.  There were no tears from either of us!  As a matter of fact, he was smiling and laughing when I dropped him off and when I picked him up!  I called around noon and got the report that he was a very happy baby and doing great!  That made my day...until I picked him up and he started smiling and laughing as soon as he saw me!  That was the greatest thing he has done so far!  I think it actually made my month!  He took a quick nap on the way home then was happy until bedtime around 8:30.  I couldn't have asked for a better first day for either of us!

The only downside was that he was SO sleepy this morning.  I had to actually feed him with just a diaper on to keep him awake.  He was NOT feeling the dark, cool, rainy morning.  Then, once I got him dressed and was putting him in his car seat I noticed he had made a poop.  So, out of his seat he came and we had to have a wardrobe change.  He had poop on his onesie.  So, luckily he still had a "N" onesie clean, so this is what he ended up with instead of the brown and blue "n".  Ha!  I was happy to see that he was still in it this afternoon when I picked him up!  This was tonight when we got home.
We will be doing it all over again tomorrow.  I do not have any patients, so I am going to have a full day of reorganizing my office, working on some charts, and doing some paperwork tomorrow.  Hopefully Nicholas will have a great day just like he did today!  Keep praying that we get into a routine, we both do well, and that he continues to sleep well at night.