Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cute Babies and Shoes

I've had a great day!  Michael was off today, so I took advantage of his last day off before I go back to work by running a few errands and having lunch with Courtney!   I am absolutely, positively obsessed with the taco salad at McAllisters.  No idea why, but it is SO tasty (sorry for the crazy pic, took it with my phone)!
While I was at the mall, I picked up a new pair of shoes for work.  I have plantar fascitis since I was pregnant (apparently a result of being on my feet with the swelling and extra weight, how nice!), and I needed some new, good, supportive shoes.  Are these not too cute!  I'm loving them for Fall!
This morning one of my best friends had her 2nd baby girl, Baylee Montgomery Castleberry!  I ran by and saw them on my way home.  She is absolutely precious and adorable!  She looks just like her sister McKinley did when she was born!  She looks so tiny, but she was 8 pounds, 8 oz, and 19.5 inches, just very petite (unlike my baby, Mr. Huge!).  I stole this picture from Facebook, but just had to show you her cuteness!!!!
I came home and told Nicholas that his new girlfriend had arrived and he wanted to send her a message. He is loving all these cute little baptist girls that have been born lately!  I think we are going to have plenty of good prospects for him! Ha!  Baylee, he is coming to see you Friday, so get ready!

UPDATE: I am terrible because I just realized that today is the ninth anniversary of the day Michael and I met on a blind date!  Happy Anniversary Michael!!!!