Thursday, September 23, 2010

12 Weeks

I have such a hard time believing my baby is TWELVE weeks old!!!!  First, I am sad that he is that old and not a little baby any longer, but I'm also sad that mean I have to go back to work on Monday.  I'm ready, but still sad to leave him.  It seems like this was us just yesterday, waiting to leave the hospital.
This is us now
Nicholas, you have been such a joy in our lives, even when things have been hard and you were not feeling well.  Mommy and Daddy are SO VERY thankful for you and have forgotten what life was like without you.  We love spending time with you and we love our Sundays as a family with you.  Things are going to change next week, but nights and weekends are going to be all about you (but who are we kidding, they always have been! Ha!).  We have some very fun things planned to do with  you over the next month and we are so excited about them!  I can't wait to celebrate your third month birthday, take you to your first Birthday party (for sweet little Lauren), and a pumpkin patch (I've been praying for the day I could take my baby there for years!!!).
You are a very sweet, happy baby most of the time now.  You are starting to enjoy playing and especially love tummy time on your boppy.  You are sleeping all night long!!!  We start your bedtime routine around 8 with a bath, bottle, then you are ready for bed.  You lay in your bed watching your mobile until you fall asleep.  You have been sleeping until 7ish for about a week.  A true blessing to Mommy.  I prayed that you would sleep through the night before I went back to work to help us with our routine. You are still struggling with a nap schedule, but you do take at least one decent nap a day.  I'm a little worried about your nap schedule at daycare because you are such a light sleeper.