Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mommies Don't Have Time To Be Sick

I learned the hard way this week why I need to take care of myself in order to be able to care for Nicholas.  Many of you know that I have a long history of kidney stones (as in seven in eleven years) and have had three surgeries because of it.  When I was TTC and pregnant I told Michael and my mom numerous times that it would be a miracle if I didn't have a stone while I was pregnant.  Around 24-25 weeks I had a feeling that I might have one, but after some tylenol and heat on my back, the pain went away.  It came and went every once in a while since then, but on Tuesday I noticed it was getting more intense.  Well, I was so determined to get Nicholas on a schedule and adapted to is new formula that I let it go.  TMI, but even when my urine was dark red, obvious that I had a stone, on Thursday evening, I ignored it and went to Target to exchange diapers!  I had severe pain all day Thursday and Friday morning.  We even kept our swimdate with Courtney and Lauren! Ha!  However, by 4:30 Friday afternoon I called my mom to have my dad come take me to the ER (she was at work). 

Michael ended up coming home to take me while my dad stayed with Nicholas until my mom got there around 6.  I was in so much pain and so sick by the time we got to the ER, but again TMI, I felt better after peeing and throwing up, so I thought that there was no way it would be obstructing.  Well, after a CT we found out that I was wrong.  It was a very large stone that had become stuck between my urethra and bladder (as they all do on me).  I would need to be admitted with IV antibiotics and surgery in the morning!  WHAT?!  I have an eight week old baby at home, I cannot possibly be admitted!

I finally got in a room at 11:00 and Michael had run home to make sure my mom had all that she needed for N and to get a bag for us.  He was back right after I got in my room and we spent yet another night at Erlanger.  Saturday morning I felt panicked because I still had not spoken to the urologist, had no clue what time surgery was scheduled, and Michael HAD to go to work.  He was presenting in a car expo and HAD to be there.  Of course!  My supervisor at work, who also works in the OR at Erlanger on Friday night came by to check on us and she knew that I was posted for surgery at 8am!  This was about 7:30!  I sent Michael home and called my mom to go ahead and come down with Nicholas.  Sally stayed with me until I left for surgery, which I am so thankful for.  It was good to have someone stay with me during that 15 minutes or so.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

I went down to preop holding and my anesthesiologist was one of our old surgery residents, so it was good to have a familiar face when going to sleep in the OR!  He talked to me as he pushed my drugs about our mutual friends! Ha!  Anyway, when I woke up in recovery I laughed because I heard the nurses trying to decide who would bring me to my room and I heard one of them say "I want to since there is a cute baby up there!"  Ha!  I was so happy when I got back to my room and saw my baby waiting on me!  He made my day!!!!

We got to go home around noon and Michael met us at home.  We spent the afternoon sleeping and cuddling with Nicholas.  After dinner my mom came and got him to spend his first night at their house.  I wasn't up to taking care of him and I knew I couldn't get up with him during the night.  They said he was perfect for them.  He slept almost all night in his bed at their house!  He came home around lunchtime today and I feel like I haven't seen him in days!  

We are both doing better today.  He has been taking almost all of his bottles and has been much happier.  I am still hurting a little bit, but mostly I'm just really weak.  Michael is going to take off tomorrow to spend the day with us in case I am not able to make it twelve hours alone with Nicholas, which I know I couldn't do today.

So, that is how we spent our weekend!  Lesson learned, if I don't take care of myself, I can't take care of Nicholas.