Thursday, August 19, 2010

7 Weeks Old!

Nicholas, you are SEVEN weeks old today!  Mommy cannot believe you are already that old!  I just realized his two week picture was in the same shirt.  He has grown so much!

 You have had the best week yet this week and we've had so much fun.
  • You haven't had a long stretch of screaming (at least that I know of, I did leave you for a couple of short trips this week) since LAST Thursday!  Good job!!!!  
  • You have the funniest personality!  You love to stare at the ceiling fans and for some reason, your favorite thing in the house appears to be the pictures over the couch.  You could stare and laugh at them for hours.  (we have no clue, they are just brown canvases with ivory leaves on them??? Ha!)  
  • You are getting on a good routine. You wake up around 7-8 am, but after a bottle and playing for a little while, you go back to sleep until 11-12 when you wake up for a bottle.  You usually play or swing for about an hour before another good nap in the afternoon.  I give you a bath around 8pm and then you have your bedtime bottle. We rock in the glider and sing Praise Baby Lullibies...Mommy's favorite time of the day.  I just feel so happy and blessed during that time.  You have been falling asleep for the night between 8-10pm and wake up again between 3-4am for a quick bottle and diaper change. We rock again and I get so excited thinking about what we will do the next day. 
  • You still love your bouncy, your tummy time mat, and car rides, but this week we can add the swing.  You pretty much live in it during the day.  You love to sit in it and watch the mobile or the ceiling fan.
  • This will be a busy week for us.  Tomorrow you have your second playdate of the week, this time with Lauren (hopefully he will be awake this time since he slept through his last date with a cute girl! Silly boys!).  Sunday we have Daddy at home all day and Mommy is planning some fun activities!  Tuesday we have your GI appointment (which Mommy dreads. something about hearing the term "rectal exam" when they called and knowing what that entails bothers me.  

EDIT: I totally forgot to mention earlier that you slept through the night Saturday night!  You slept from 9pm-7am!  Mommy just wishes you would do that more often! Ha!

Also, we had our first family pictures and Nicholas' six week pictures made on Sunday.  Check out a sneak preview on Melissa's photography blog!